The Aeropress conspiracy continues to expand in surprising directions.

The Aeropress conspiracy continues to expand in surprising directions.

I thought I had it licked.  There is this problem that I have.  Everywhere I turn in the coffee world people are talking about how great the Aeropress is.  I keep getting pulled towards picking one up.   The worst pull has come right here on Roaste.   I think it would be hard to count the number of times that have read blog posts talking about great results achieved with it.

The Aeropress is compelling in part because it is a unique beast.   It is not traditional brewed coffee, but yet it certainly is not espresso, either, which requires high pressure to produce its coffee.  It is in some sense a hybrid.  The other thing that is so compelling about it is the price.  It is down right cheap in terms of finding a good way to brew coffee.  I do not know how many times I have clicked on the link to almost buy one here on Roaste.  If you want to practice doing the same, here is the link.

I have avoided it simply because I have some great ways to make coffee and I have too much coffee gear, so one more method seems like vast overkill.  I thought I had my purchase compulsion under control.

Then I was sitting here minding my own business yesterday, avidly avoiding posts that would make me want to buy one when a friend walked into my office and you guessed it, he opens with “I just bought an Aerobee Aeropress and it is amazing – it just makes great coffee.”  Now when I am having coffee gear pushed on me by people who aren’t even coffee fanatics I am in trouble.  He is not a coffee fanatic, but he is a guy who knows good food and drink.  He already is tempting me down the home brew path for brewing beer – something I have been avoiding, but I do not think I can avoid forever.  Now this?

I am resisting today, but I bet I will have a blog post of my own on the Aeropress before the month of March is over.

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