That's One Big Truck Mister

What's in my cup? Dust, that's what. Since the box from Olympia Coffee Roasting Company (established 2005) came in compliments of the fine folks at the USPS and their priority mail service I have been wearing out my espresso shot glass (compliments of Bodum).  sorry for all the plugs but I thought I would communicate like a Nascar driver for a while - could it be the caffeine? I opened the Tharco 8 x 4 x 4 box and removed a bag roasted 11/28/2011 - so this Monday.

The first shot ran a bit fast, but the second shot was pretty close to where I wanted to be. The third shot is a direct hit - battleship sunk, game over, thanks for playing.  The light foamy sweetness I crave is right there in my glass - thick crema and bakers chocolate combine for a smooth hard to explain phenomenon - the flavor is heavy and pronounced, but even with a thick viscosity the shot is anything but cloying or syrupy on the tongue - it is like chocolate flavored cool whip for lack of a better set of descriptors.  

The short version is yes - this is a very good espresso blend.  The composition is not so different from Counter Culture's Apollo 6.0 (80% Ethiopian Adado and 20% Honduras Esther Chavez). That coffee introduced me to the chocolate cool whip taste experience and played a part in my decision to order this blend even though I have not tried this roaster before. The blend consists of Costa Rica La Mirella Honey, Ethiopia Gedeo Worka, and Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Koke and the roaster's brewing recommendation is as follows:  

Brew Temp: 203F Dose: 18-21 grams Extraction time: 23-29 seconds Volume: 1.5-2.0 oz 28grams finish weight

Pick some up here on ROASTe - you will be glad you did - I give it a big two thumbs up. Gotta go wipe down the ROASTe/Chris Coffee Service/QuickMill Silvano - It ran loose to start today but once the crew got her dialed in she was hard to beat and finished strong with the Olympia Big Truck Espresso! ; )

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