Thanksgiving, looking for a good blend.

We have just gone through Halloween, so that means we are fast approaching the season when people are coming into our homes on a regular basis that we don't normally see. It also means for those of use in the Northern parts the weather is turning colder and so in turn we are probably going to be serving more coffee to our guests or perhaps bringing coffee with use to give to our hosts. And since I will be hosting a Thanksgiving feast this year, I want to make sure that I have some great coffee on hand, but am a little perplexed by what to get.

I have been loving as of late some more experimental coffees that are testing my taste buds on what I think coffee should taste like, stuff like Klatch's Gedo Woka, or some beans I picked up from Sightglass not too long ago. You know the stuff, big fruit tastes like berries maybe some lemon head flavor thrown in for good measure. However, while I may find this enjoyable I know it's not going to be the same for my guests. It's really an aquired taste.

At this moment I am leaning towards making another order of Deep Cello Black Tie, as I found the mouthfeel of the coffee to be amazing and it has some slight fruit notes to it but nothing over powering and could push my guests into the right direction. That being said there are numerous roasters around me that provide blends of coffee that while good are very very safe. Basically think a slight lighter versions of Peets coffee, that I know people will enjoy, but nothing that is going to push them to seek something out.

As we are heading rapidly into the holiday season, what are your plans for holiday coffee? Utterly challenanging your guests with fruit bombs or playing safe? Do you think Black Tie is a middle ground, and what other blends out there might I be over looking that could also qualify for that middle ground?

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