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Recently I have been interested in buying an autodrip coffee maker because of their convinience and the larger serving size that they produce; I'm interested in this because I would like to sometime bring coffee to school to serve it to my friends as well. I have been looking at a whole bunch of options, from Bunns, and Technivorm specifically. I was looking up reviews and technical specification of the Technivorm brewer when I happen to discover a video from Williams Sonoma on youtube about the Technivorm Mocamaster coffee grinder. 

What make this grinder interesting is that it is a blade grinder and retails for $200. The specification is of the follow copied from their website:

  • Unique design keeps grind safe from the heat generated by the blades.
  • Incredibly consistent grind of even extraction and full, intense flavor.
  • Fast and simple push-button operation.
  • Sleek, durable aluminum hopper.
  • Generous 14-oz. capacity.
  • Create the perfect grind for the Technivorm Moccamaster Coffeemaker.

-They tout that the design of the grinder (gravity fed and a screen mesh) create a very consistent grind. To me, I'm a bit skeptical about their advertised "consistency". It might be a good and convinience option to go with the Technivorm brewer because it require no fiddling with grind settings. However, as it is, it is extremely limitted, with no ability to adjust for grind size. And additionally, for $200, I could think of much better options out there, such as from Baratza, for instance the Maestro available on Roaste: for $130 or for a little more than $200 the Baratza Virtuoso: . These two grinders from Baratza has proven track record of reliability and quality of grind and they are more flexible with ability to grind for multiple brewing methods.

With that said, I would hope that someone who has first hand experience with the Technivorm grinder to prove me wrong about this grinder! 

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