Tassimo T-Disk review – Espresso

Well, I’ve reviewed the Tassimo system and didn’t like it, but today I’m feeling a little drowsy/sleepy and think I need an espresso. I can’t really run out to get one (and there isn’t really anyplace near my work that does a decent espresso anyways) so I might as well drink one here.

Ok, got an espresso. My options are limited so I did have to get it in a mug instead of a shot class or wee little porcelain cup.

Appearance: there isn’t much crema, if at all. I can see a lot of the coffee through the little bit of foam that’s floating on top and it isn’t very fragrant.

Taste: its lukewarm! Tepid! As far as the taste its very mellow, as if its intentionally toned down (very probable, they may be catering to the lowest common denominator as far as coffee lovers are concerned). What I think is interesting is that much like the keurig k-cups there is a slight chemical aftertaste; maybe it has something to do with the way they are processed and prepared?

Overall I think that this espresso is bland and not all that exciting. In fact, I’m not really sure that it counts as espresso at all. The Nespresso system at least works through building up pressure in the capsule until there is enough to burst through the foil and thereby create the crema. This is more like pourover “espresso” at best.

Aftertaste: I take it back! As it cools even further it gets unpleasantly bitter (or maybe that’s just the bottom of the cup?) The chemical taste isn’t going away either but it isn’t any more overwhelming.

In conclusion I think it’s quite possible that I’ll be drinking this espresso more; it’s not as bad as Starbucks and many times freer! I do like the fact that they have capsules to create cappuccinos and lattes. The latte capsule is new to my office, I haven’t tried that out yet but kind of want to. Maybe I’ll even make a hot chocolate with a shot of espresso to warm myself up, who knows. I still kind of wish we had the Lavazza espresso pointe system in the office, or even a little Nespresso pixie. Maybe I should bring mine in?

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