Sustainability Shows Supportability

What coffee product sales expanded by more than four times since 2004? Espresso, coffee with alcohol, Starbucks, Caribou, Italian...? If you guessed any of these, or something similar, but didn’t include sustainable, you’re wrong. It is the market for sustainable coffee – such as Shade-Grown, Organic, Fair-Trade – that has been growing at a remarkable rate.

Coffee is part of a trend toward more sustainability experienced by other commodities as well, such as forest products, cocoa, bananas and tea. People demand and are receiving foods that don’t subtract from their environments. To be sustainable, a crop must give back to the land that nurtured it through farming practices that replenish the land through such efforts as composting and use of natural pesticide and fertilizing processes.

These facts were made public in a recent report by a group of sustainability organizations and published in the media, one source being Sustainable Business News online. The commodities surveyed, from forests to coffee, are an interesting combination. They tell a lot about today’s consumer. Not only do they appear to value healthful food, but they also demand that even land in regions distant from their homes be protected from pollution. If the commodities covered were just foods, we could only conclude that consumers are interested in chemical-free foods. But the inclusion of forestry reveals the land must also be seen as free from such contamination.

These sustainability stats show a growing attitude of responsibility among consumers regarding the treatment of the earth and the workers involved in bringing a variety of products to their tables. It’s probably safe to assume that this sector of coffee and other products will continue to grow in the near future.

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