[Survey]How much coffee do you drink per day?

I posted an entry about coffee experiment recently. From the feedback, it seems that I am using too little coffee in the experiment. For me, that was my normal dose of coffee in brewing so I thought that best relevant amount. This got me thinking though, how much coffee does people usually drink/consume here?Or what's the normal dose for a cup of brewed coffee?

In one of the articles I've read before, it was recommended that a person drink 2-4 cups maximum in a day. Any more than that is probably a little more than 'moderate' and it's not too good to the body. It might cause insomnia, jittery, restlessness etc etc if you overconsume. I truly believe that while caffeine is a stimulant that keeps you awake, it probably will never replace the sleep you lost at night. So because of that, I only drink coffee because I enjoy it, not to get caffeinated. And of course, there're also other factors than the caffeine that we should be concerned about to moderate our coffee consumption.

Anyway,  according to the Wikipedia, 1 cup of brewed coffee is about 7oz, which requires about 14g of coffee ground if you’re using 1:15(coffee:water) ratio. While one shot of espresso(double shot in the wiki), will require roughly about 14g coffee too. This means that the maximum recommended coffee weight consumed per day is about 14g x 4 =58g daily. And that could be translated into 4 espressi (~3 if you use high dose), 3 espressi & 7oz brewed coffee, 2 espressi & 14 oz brewed coffee, 1 espresso & 21oz brewed coffee or just 28oz brewed coffee. Doesn't seem like a lot eh? Do keep in mind that these numbers are approximate for this purpose and the caffeine tolerance might be different for different individual.

As for my drinking consumption, I normally start off my morning with 1 single espresso(9g coffee), another 1 shot later morning. Then 1 single-shot cappuccino in the afternoon and finally brewed coffee about 5-7oz in the late evening. But my actual coffee consumption pattern fluctuates a lot throughout the months. There’re also many times when I don’t drink at all in a day or just one single shot espresso a day. The main point is, it's the best way for me to brew a small amount and drink throughout the day, rather than finishing up my daily caffeine allocation in 1-2 go.

So I am curious, how much coffee do you guys drink per day?Let’s have it in this format:

I drink:

Coffee weight used for espresso/espresso-based: 9g x 3 =27g

Coffee weight used for brewed coffee: 11g

Total : ~38g/day

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