Supermarket coffee...and what can go wrong

I'll try any kind of coffee anywhere (except that weird cevit-ingested coffee from Malaysia).

 So I tried a supermarket coffee brand from the hispanic section.  Brand name Cafe Pilon.  Subbranded Cafe Molido.

This stuff is pure gasoline and I don't mean that in a good way.

Possibly its best claim is "100% Arabica Coffee."  And I would stick to that.  It can't claim smooth taste, a good aroma a nice origin or anything else indicating flavor.

I prepared it in a French Press to give it the best opportunity.  But it tasted like gasoline poured over wood chips.

More precisely, it had all the charred burnt emptiness you'd expect from an espresso without any of the complexity, flavor or  aroma.  Tasted like ashes.

This is exactly why we love the coffees on because they contrast directly with coffee drivel like this.  Where theirs is over-roasted, our roasters know the origin character and roast light, medium or dark to suit the beans perfectly.  When theirs taste like empty ashes, ours have unique flavor -- acidy and citrusy for the Kenyas, complex for the Colombians, earthy for the Sumatrans, winey and complex for the Yemenis, etc.

Go try some Pilon Coffee from your local supermarket.  It wil amke you a ROASTe customer!

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