So I was out this morning as my wife had some business to attend to, i.e. I was just roaming about while I waited to pick her up and of course I ended up at a coffee shop. So this lovely Sunday morning I found myself at SubRosa Coffee in Oakland, Ca. Sadly with child in hand I was not able to take some pictures, however there are nice ones on Yelp that I am using to illustrate my experience.

The place is pretty interesting, and feels like a pretty trandy/hipster place. As you can see from the photo the three businesses immediately next it are a bicycle shop, and a record store. To top it off it's kind of in a fringe area that has lots of little places like this and some of the undesirables that come with living in an urban area, it all really just kind of adds to the hipster nature of the place.

As you can see it's really a small place, just enough room to go in order your coffee, and turn around and stand at a bar by the window and drink it. There are a few tables outside that people were using while I was there, and the building next to it has a long concrete bench that runs along it that can easily be used for sitting as well. Overall, a very nice urban cafe experience.

They brew up Four Barrel coffee from San Francisco. Their coffee from my limited experience is like most other third wave coffees out there, tencds to be light roasted with a fair amount of acidity. This morning I got an espresso made from their Friendo Blendo Espresso. The shot appeared to be close to 2 ounces, and was a nice mix of chocolate and then orange acidity to round out the shot. Really well prepared shot, and a place I would come back to get coffee at any time.

I also noticed that it appeared that they serve up cups from the Clever Coffee Dripper using a gold mesh filter. It's just a nice gentle reminder that the Clever coffee dripper makes really good coffee very easily. In other words if it's good enough for a shop that is focused on high quality coffee to use for making their customers, so you can make a cafe quality drink in your home with very small investment of a  Clever Coffee Dripper and a nice burr grinder.

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