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I have spoken before about the unlikely places that coffee shops are popping up, and how I like to see that these shops can flourish is relatively unknown spots. Take this coffee shop, Steeltown Coffee in Pittsburg CA. For those of you that don't know Pittsburg is a town along the California Delta as it gets closer to San Francisco, probably about 45 minutes away. Really if you driving through on the horrible freeway you would not guess this shop exists.

Just to make it a little more interesting, it's inside a bank! Yeah sorry Roaste, but other coffee shops have already put themselves inside banks! And really they need to have all the security they can get because this coffee shop sports a three group Synesso Hydra. What makes the Hydra so unqiue is that each group has it's own boiler so a seperate temp can be had at each group, and the pressure can regulated as well. It's one impressive machine and that's why I went.

On this particular Sunday that I was there recently it was interesting to see the glass partition up seperating the bank and the coffee shop. While the space is really nice, it's a bit weird to be sharing it with a bank. That being said it's still great!

But this is about the coffee, and it appears that Steeltown is roasting their own coffee. I had gone under the pretense they were serving Barefoot Coffee out of San Jose, but alas it was their own and I got a cappa while there.

The cappa was delicious, the fruit was able bite through the milk and it was great. Not only that but the staff was really good and easy going, which made the experience all that delightful. So if you find yourself driving down the delta and see Pittsburg on road signs you know to stop.

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