static on the Hario?

I have been grinding my coffee pretty extensively with the Hario Mini Mill. Currently I'm using a pretty fine grind for the aeropress, that is used for very fast brewing time, total brew time is about one minute including pressing down time.

What I have notice about grinding with the Hario Mini Mill is that it is very quick (I'm grinding 15 grams, enough for a mug full of coffee). Usually, I would have my water in the microwave for three minutes and then while waiting for the water to get to boiling temperature, I would start grinding; I have not officially time it but it probably take less than two minutes. I usually finish grinding the coffee by the time the water is boiled.

I have been noticing that there is some insignificant static clinging of ground coffee to the area under the burrs. These are pretty insignificant amount, probably less than 0.5gram. I usually just use a grinder brush to clean it off. Also, there is some fine ground that can be retained in the ground chamber that need some pretty hard thump to get out.

Anyway, I will further investigate the Hario and will report back. 

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