Static is my enemy.

I recently modded my Mazzer Major with a funnel.  Along with all of the convenience of no longer having to deal with a doser, I am also experiencing the torment of a new sort of problem- static.  To sum up the problem, when I turn on my grinder, the grinds stick to the side of the funnel and do not drop into my portafilter.  It is a pain, and worse, it causes a whole lot of waste.

As any good espresso enthusiast/nerd, I have thoroughly researched the issue of static and espresso grinders.  I have learned that when the grounds fly out of the grind chamber they pick up a positive charge that causes them to cling to the funnel.  I have learned that the funnel must be grounded in order to absorb that charge and allow the grinds to float gently into my filter basket. I have learned that a special gate can be put on the grind chamber that somehow keeps the grinds from picking up a positive charge.

Most importantly, though, I have learned that all of my attempts to eliminate my static issue (including the gate, wiping with dryer sheets, and grounding the funnel) have been useless.  I guess this is the cost of convenience.   

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