Starbucks Logo Goes To India

Starbucks caused somewhat of a tempest in a coffeepot when the foremost coffee company worldwide announced a change to its third logo in forty years. It was said that part of the reasoning behind the change was expansion into Asian and Indian markets. The circling words around the mermaid are not as attractive to the Asian and Indian cultures and the cleaner lines of the word-less rounded logo was adopted to appeal to these parts of the world.

So Starbucks is moving quickly into China and now has finally completed the groundwork to enter India. India, where tea has been the drink of choice in all but the southern part, has caught the coffee wave already and has at least three cafés selling espresso drinks.

As in China, Starbucks will procure at least some of the green beans from farmers in India and presumably roast it to its signature dark roast. With an agreement just signed, the Seattle company will begin to install their cafes into a luxury hotel chain, possibly in as little as six months.

One sticking point in the competition for this market might be the price. Currently a latte can be enjoyed at an upscale Indian coffee shop for a little more than a dollar. Starbucks offerings usually run higher, but maybe a lower overhead, such as lower wages, will allow for lower prices which are competitive.

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