stale coffee in Aeropress

Today I had a cup of aeropress coffee made from stale ground coffee, and it was not all that bad! Before anyone accuse me, please let me explain my situation. Yesterday, I was bringing the aropress to school so that I can make some coffee after lunch to prepare for the afternoon lecture. I remember to bring everything, the aeropress, a mug, ground coffee (costa rican Fruita de Oro, roasted to FC about 2 days ago) but I managed to forget to bring one crucial element of the aeropress, the paper filter! 

As a result I was not able to make a cup of coffee; for a moment I was thinking of running to my lab and get a Whatman filter but I realized that I would make a mess because those filter are not of the right size for the aeropress. I forgot about the aeropress until this morning. I was going to toss the ground coffee from yesterday out but I rethink and going to try it anyway; I mean it takes a lot of labor from the coffee farmers to produce these 15 grams of coffee and I'm going to toss it out, no way!

The cup result actually surprised me! It tasted good, abeilt it lack some of the aroma that I normally get from a freshly ground coffee but all the good smooth taste are still there. I was kinda disapointed when I was brewing this in the aeropress because it did not give me a huge amount of blooming but now I'm glad I didn't throw the coffee away. Granted, the coffee was very fresh to start with (2 days after roast) and I stored the ground coffee in a small air tight jar, but I was very impressed that the coffee didn't taste bad one day after being grounded.  

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