Solofill Adapter for Keurig Brewers

My Solofill adapter for Keurig brewers arrived today  - It is the eight hole "Octaflo System" model (missing the middle hole - a common manufacturing problem with these adapters). I will try it before deciding whether to convert to the "Octaflo-Plus System" using a thumbtack mod/repair to punch out the missing middle hole in the lid protrusion. 

The first round of testing, using some pre-ground Melitta Cafe Collection Classique Supreme listed as "extra fine grind" (it is quite fine) is less than optimal.  The brewer makes an unusual noise at the end of the much longer than usual brewing cycle and I do not hear the refilling sound from the pump at the end of this cycle.  

I brewed  a regular K-cup which did brew properly (the filling at the end of brewing occurred as usual) just to make sure the Keurig B60 still works. The results from the Solofill brewed cup? Wonderful body, rich flavor, and very little real sediment - I often see more sediment using a French press.

Round two finds a nice Guatemala Water Process Decaf from Rex Roasting Co. (available here on ROASTe) ground with the Baratza Maestro to auto drip consistency (setting 25 out of 40) - the Guatemalan is thinner and the nuances are muted (under-extracted?) than the cup brewed last night using a traditional brewer.  Rex Roasting describes this coffee as having a pleasant medium body with balanced cocoa, toasted nut and citrus flavors. The finish is clean, smooth and lingering with a crisp acidity. I guess the optimal grind for the Solofill is somewhere in between these two samples. 

After picking a coffee I am familiar with  - the Rex Roasting Co. Original Blend - I again using what should be a close to correct grind only to be met by short cupping and a long, long, brew time.  Am I killing my new B60?  I get out the thumbtack and punch that middle hole.  Same grind, same coffee, full cup, shorter brew time, etc. - my brewer needs that extra hole. The Cup? It's good... very good - side by side with the cup brewed without the hole, this cup is the clear winner. 

Rex Roasting Co. Original Blend and I have been getting acquainted for the past couple days using a French Press, pour over, percolator, auto drip, Aeropress, espresso machine, and now this Solofill.  I feel like I know the nuances by now of this very fresh (now eight days post-roast) bag of beans and I get these using the Solofill with the Keurig. Rex Roasting describes this coffee as a pairing of high-grown Central and South American beans with flavor notes of milk chocolate complimenting a mild citrus acidity. The mellow sweetness and medium body combine for a pleasant approachable cup. The finish of toasted hazelnuts enhances the caramel-like aroma and is mildly persistent.

As for the process, it took more effort to fill, brew, and clean than the EZ-Cup, and much, much more effort than the Pod Holster without really brewing a noticeably better cup. I am not sure the results, good as they are, justify all this extra effort.  If I only had a Keurig for brewing, and money got so tight I couldn't afford K-Cups, this might be a decent emergency device to tide me over till money again flows more freely.  If I knew this was the only way I had to make coffee for the long haul, I would start searching long and hard for something much more convenient - something like a French press or pour over cone and a stove top kettle to heat some water.

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