Solo... Sediment

When I used to drink a lot of french press coffee the sludge at the bottom of my mug was more of an annoyance than anything else. A grinder that was a poor performer at coarse grind settings or a plunger screen that got bent during cleaning were the usual suspects. It wasn't really a big deal since the coffee tasted fine. I held out a long time but recently got a great deal on an Eva Solo and have been using it exclusively as my immersion brewer. The coffee tastes great, cleanup is easy and coffee prep is much less labor intensive than a pour over. When paired with my OE Lido there's also much less sludge which is a plus.

As I've been drinking more towards the bottom of my cup I've noticed an odd occurrence in my sediment. Usually whats at the bottom is a fine sludge that I assume is due to fines made by the grinder that gets through the mesh screen. What I see at least every other cup are larger chunks of coffee that are making it through. I can only assume that these are getting through the "vent" holes in mesh by the plastic stopper because they're too big to have made it through the mesh itself. I guess I could pour slower or grind coarser to prevent this. However, the Solo seems like such a well designed brewer that it seems odd they couldn't find another way of achieving the same goal as punching four holes in the mesh screen. With any design, compromises have to be made when it comes to aesthetics,  functionality and cost but this one "feature" has been bugging me since I opened up the box the first time.

I'm sure I'm being too picky but for some reason this really preoccupies me every time I use the Solo. Anyone else have this issue?

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