Six Gift Ideas for the Coffee Lover Who Has It All

General wisdom says it’s easy to buy gifts for coffee lovers – but buying a coffee gift that will be really appreciated… that can be a lot trickier. These days, coffee aficionados tend to have pretty specialized tastes – and they’ve been known to indulge them. It’s not that you can’t find coffee gear they’ll love. It’s just hard to find coffee gear they’ll love that they don’t already have. So what do you get the coffee lover who has it all?  


#1 - An Appreciation for Nuance

  Booze flights are popular in high end bars – a chance to comparison taste varieties of tequila, vodka, bourbon and other fine drinks. We’re pleased to offer our variation with a flight of coffee, our Ethiopian Three Way Gift Set. This limited-time gift set includes 12 ounces each of three varieties of Ethiopian coffee, each from a different region and a different roaster. This trio of excellent Ethiopians highlights the intricacies of single origin coffees – the differences and similarities brought out by region, process and roast. We’ve got several other coffee gift sets as well. To ensure freshness, these gift sets ship 12/16.   Miss the deadline? Talk to us (888-997-KIND) or email us ( and we’ll help you assemble a duet or trio of coffees for your particular coffee lover.  

The Designer Coffee Kit#2 - Coffee Completion

  Most coffee lovers assemble their coffee kits one piece at a time, choosing items when they’re affordable or when the whim strikes. We’ve assembled a handful of coffee kits that include everything you need to make and serve perfect coffee using one particular method. From the Mad Scientist to the Designer, there’s a coffee kit to suit every coffee personality.  

#3 - A Sense of Refinement

  Friends don’t let friends drink coffee from ugly mugs. Skip the novelty mugs with kitschy sayings this year and invest in glasses and cups designed specifically for sipping specialty coffee with style. Hario V60 Double Wall Coffee Glass Cups are both stylish and exceptionally practical. Their shape is the perfect match for the V60 coffee dripper – but they also look great alongside other popular pourover coffee brewers – and the double glass walls help retain heat and keep coffee at the perfect drinking temperature.  

#4 - The Joy of Experimentation

  One of the joys of coffee is its wonderful versatility. Brewing methods make a world of difference in flavor and cup quality. The coffee that’s light and floral with citrus notes in a pourover may exhibit round maple and chocolate notes when brewed in a press. Make a few gentle inquiries and then surprise your favorite coffee lover with a new coffee brewing method. Introduce a drip coffee aficionado to siphon coffee brewing or a press coffee lover to the joy of espresso. There are coffee brewers and coffee makers starting as low as $17 for those on a budget, but if you’re feeling extravagant…  

La Pavoni#5 – Exquisite Engineering and Design

  High-end espresso machines for the home market have come a long way. The true espresso aficionado will appreciate the fine engineering and attention to detail in a fine semi-automatic espresso machine like the Nuova Simonelli Musica Pour Over Espresso Machine or a beautifully crafted manual like the La Pavoni Stradivari 16-Cup Espresso Machine. Most-wanted features include PID controller, heat exchangers and double boilers for finer control over the brewing process.  



#6 – An Education in the Finer Points of Coffee Appreciation

  Coffee lovers have an unending thirst for more information about coffee. Indulge the thirst with a great book (we’re looking forward to the updated Home Coffee Roasting, Revised, Updated Edition: Romance and Revival, due out December 31, and available for pre-order now, in case anyone’s wondering!) or a class on the finer points of pourover brewing, home coffee roasting or coffee cupping. You’ll find classes in coffee appreciation at coffee houses and cafés in most major cities.  

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