Siphon: How-to Guide

Popular again, and for good reason: we’re hard-pressed to imagine a more temperature-stable home brewing device. Your reward for the extra work? Especially clean, rich coffee with disproportionate body.


Siphon, heat source, cloth or paper filters

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Coffee nerd options:

Grinder, scale, timer, thermometer

Recipe basics:

Brew time: 3 minutes (including a 1-min draw down time)

Temperature: boiling

Grind setting: fine drip

Ratio: 1:14 coffee to water

Below measurements are interchangeable. For example, you can use 16 g of grounds to produce a 8 oz cup of coffee.

Siphon size

Coffee measurement

Water measurement


16 g

235 g

3 T

8 oz


24 g

350 g

4.5 T

12 oz


42 g

590 g

7.5 T

20 oz


70 g

1170 g

13 T

40 oz

1. Fill the lower globe with the desired amount of water.

How to Make A Siphon Coffee Step 1

2. Ensure that your filter is in place in the upper globe.

How to Make A Siphon Coffee Step 2

3. Apply heat and securely attach the upper globe to the lower globe when your water is approaching the boiling point.

How to Make A Siphon Coffee Step 3

4. Once the temperature of the water in the upper globe has stabilized within the desired range, add coffee ground at a fine drip setting and steep for two minutes. Gently immerse coffee particles that rise to the top at the beginning and end of the steep as needed, using a bamboo stirrer or rice paddle.

How to Make A Siphon Coffee Step 4

5. At the two-minute mark, remove the siphon from the heat source. After a drawdown period of approximately one minute, you’ll be ready to serve. Enjoy!

How to Make A Siphon Coffee Step 5

For further exploration:

  • Cotton filters need to be kept moist, e.g. in a jar of water in the fridge. Paper filters also exist for those who prefer them.
  • The drawdown process is an integral part of the steep, so there’s no need to rush it.
  • Pressed for time? Low on alcohol for your burner? Pre-heat your water before adding it to the lower globe.

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