Single Cup Brewing with a Keurig

/files/k-cup_cross_section.gif" title="extraction method" alt="extraction method" align="left" />If you read my first blog post you know I spoke about automatic drip brewers as a way of coffee extraction. Another option in this method is a single cup brewer. The Keurig system does use some pressure during the brewing and therefore it’s a bit different then a normal drip method. You actually can end up with a small amount of crema on top!

I have the Keurig B60 Special Edition Brewing System and it’s proved to a hit with my family. Over the Christmas holiday everyone loved being able to choose their own coffee, tea or cocoa. Some wanted a bold brew and some wanted a flavored coffee. Choice and easy clean up are the true benefit of a Keurig.


The machine is sturdy and built to last but let me say Keurig customer service is top notch should you have any questions or problems.

The B60 has a few great features I wanted to highlight:

  • Variable Brewing Temperature

  • Auto on/off timer so it’s ready for you when you wake up and no need to remember to shut it off before you run out the door for work
  • 3 Brew Sizes 6 oz, 8 oz, 10 oz – although the same amount of coffee isused for each so you need to find what flavor/strength setting works for you

/files/Keurig-B60.jpg" align="right" height="244" width="325" />

The K-Cup selection available is amazing these days. And though I do prefer to use fresh ground coffee, these K-Cups stay pretty fresh as they are ground then sealed air tight and not opened until used by the machine. Saying that, I did a review of the Keurig My K-Cup Reusable Filter Basket which I tell about how you can use your own freshly ground coffee bought through ROASTe in your Keurig! I love doing this and honestly it’s usually what I do when using the machine. The family picks from the selection of K-Cups I have on hand most of the time.

After the holiday season was over both my parents and sister bought a Keurig. I think that says they enjoyed using mine! If you’re looking for fast single cup brew method I would not hesitate in purchasing a Keurig.

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