Should I be ashamed that I love a commercial

Should I be ashamed that I love a commercial

Or do I love a commercial because I am ashamed?  

(For the moment I cannot find the commercial anywhere online in spite of using the obvious key words so perhaps I won’t be able to post a link, but if anyone can find it I’ll insert the link – until then I’ll just describe it and I am sure you will see it if you haven’t already.  There are several rants online against it by coffee enthusiasts that I find when trying to search for the commercial, but I love it).

I was watching a show online and it had a “limited commercial interruptions.”  I usually curse the commercials as a waste of my time since they are for things I am not the least bit interested in and about half the time they are for the very show I am already watching, which seems like a waste of everyone’s time and energy.  The other day, however there was a commercial I really enjoyed each time it came on.

The commercial shows a man walking into a fancy restaurant and exclaiming in disgust “is this what we have come to?  I do not want a plunger anywhere near my coffee” when he sees a french press on one of the tables.  He then exclaims that what he wants out of life is Maxwell House French Roast.   

I do not know if I love it because I am being made fun of, or if it is the fact that anyone who likes pretty good coffee is being ridiculed.  You do not have to be much of a snob to know that Maxwell house is not good and that a French press is a good way to make coffee.  After all a French press can go for as low as ten dollars – this is not exactly outrageously expensive gear.  

Perhaps though it is the fact that he has skipped right over Starbucks as the target and into decent coffee prepared well.  Perhaps even Maxwell house views Starbucks coffee as beneath them to compete with?

Perhaps it is that he is target a method of coffee that was super hot about 20 years ago and he is so far behind the curve that he does not know that he should be making fun of fancy pour over methods like the Clever or the Hario – a much easier target since the ritual is so much more involved (although I do think it is worth it).

I guess I may just love the commercial because it is funny – whatever the reason I thought I would share it.

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