Seven Ways to Up Your Coffee Game for $35 or Less

You don't need a fancy, expensive coffee machine to make better coffee. You can up your coffee game for less than $35 with any one (or more!) of these great coffee-making accessories.



Turn your coffee brewing skills up a notch -- or several notches -- without spending a fortune. The right filter, the right grinder and the right brewer can help you get the best possible flavor from your coffee. Check out these seven very affordable ways to up you coffee game for $35 or less.



7 Ways to Up Your Coffee Game for Under 35 Dollars

7) Manual Coffee Grinder

Nothing compares to coffee made with freshly ground beans. Adding a coffee grinder to your coffee brewing routine will improve your coffee game 1000%. Skip the cheap blade "grinders." They can't measure up to a good manual coffee grinder in delivering the grind consistency that produces excellent coffee. The Hario Mini Mill Slim is a particular favorite with travelers and others who enjoy great coffee wherever they happen to be. Compact and practically unbreakable, it's the perfect addition to your coffee brewing kit.

6) Manual Pourover Coffee Brewer

Take control of your coffee and enjoy the sense of accomplishment that comes from brewing the perfect pourover. There's a reason that hand-dripped coffees are so popular in cafes -- it's the method that brings out all the flavor nuances in your coffee beans. Duplicate the flavor at home with one of our popular pourover coffee brewers.

5) Metal Coffee Filter

Are you among those who have discovered the fun and flavor of brewing with the Aeropress? If you thought coffee coudn't get much better, get ready to kick it up another notch. Able, creators of the Able Kone, also make a stainless steel coffee filter for the Aeropress. The Able Disk Filter for the Aeropress delivers a cleaner, clearer, more flavorful cup of coffee from the Aeropress brewer.

4) Cold Brew Coffee Brewer

Cold brewing dellivers a cleaner, fuller and less acidic cup of coffee than most methods of brewing, but the typical cold coffee brewer is either expensive or ugly -- or both. The Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Coffee Pot is the exception to the rule. Simple, elegant and eminently affordable, the Mizudashi is an excellent way to add another move to your coffee brewing game.

3) Coffee Maker Cleaner

Psst, can we talk about hygeine? It may not be the most glamorous subject, but when it comes to coffee, cleanliness is next to spectacular. The oils that provide all that rich flavor and body in your cup have a tendency to cling to everything they touch. Regular cleaning with a product designed to remove those coffee residues will keep your coffee tasting its best. Choose Tabz to clean your coffee brewer and Grindz to keep your grinder fresh and prolong its life.

2) Beautiful Serving Ware

Excellent coffee tastes even better when it's served in the right cups. Thick walls and a silicone sleeve make this pair of Eva Solo Espresso Tumblers the perfect choice to serve up your perfect shots of espresso. Sleek, styish and designed to keep your coffee hot and your fingers cool, they'll definitely show off your brewing skills.

1) Freshly Roasted Coffee

Of all the things that affect the flavor of your coffee, nothing has a more profound effect than the coffee you choose to brew. If you're not already buying fresh coffee that's expertly roasted, you're missing out on one of the most affordable and delicious ways to up your coffee game and add a little luxury to your daily grind.

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