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As many of you have no doubt already gathered, the 24th Annual SCAA Exposition is underway! This is the first year that I’m sufficiently into specialty coffee to have SCAA on my radar screen, though I’m not hardcore enough (yet) to have considered attending. Still, for various reasons I’m interested in learning about some of the discussions that people will be having there as well as more than a few products set to be introduced. To that end, I thought it would be useful to put together a little list of bloggers and tweeters worth following who will be “reporting live” from Portland through Sunday. Of course, I’d love to hear from you all, too, on where you’re getting your news. Will update as necessary—in particular after I see how Day 1 coverage shapes up.

Aside: why can’t these things ever be held in Baltimore? One day…

First, judging from past experience, I’d say Sprudge should be completely on top of everything. He’s already published two summaries of yesterday’s symposium, including one from guest contributor Erin Meister (of Counter Culture). Much more content is in the works, I’m sure.


Otherwise, CoffeeGeek founder Mark Prince will be at SCAA. He’s never at a loss for words on Twitter.


Also, I understand Home-Barista member Jonathan Balogh has Dan Kehn’s press pass and will be live-tweeting from the Exposition floor.


What am I missing? To be continued…



- The SCAA has its own nice meta-guide to symposium-related coverage with links to additional write-ups by Trish Rothgeb and Tom Owens, for example.

Day 1 (4/18)

- Mustn't forget about the competitions! 3 main ones: the U.S. Barista Championship (USBC), USBC Brewers Cup, and U.S. Cup Tasters Championship.

USBC livestream
Day 1 recap

-More HB reports

Jim Schulman
Randy Glass (see chap. 133)

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