Saving money in a time of price hikes" alt="Coffee prices soar" title="Coffee prices soar" align="left" vspace="4" width="208" height="155" hspace="4" />Around the world, cafes and roasters are watching the price of the green bean soar. "C" Futures, where green beans are traded, reached a 14 year high and coffee is nearing 2.80 per pound. Your favorite latte might reach the $5 mark and a 16oz coffee can range anywhere from $1.50 to $2.00. Unfortunately, sugar and dairy products are adding to the crunch as coffee companies pass the cost of your favorite condiments onto you. So what to do in a world where the price of coffee continues to climb? Try a few of these cost saving tips and feel free to share some of your own:

1. Brew at home - One of the most cost effective methods for enjoying your coffee is brewing it at home. Depending on your preferred potency, 1lb of coffee can generate up to 40 cups of coffee.

2. Rewards programs - Every retailer, online shop, and ma and pa store these days has some sort of reward program. Be it a sophisticated digital system or a simple stamp, the right program can help you save. Investigate deals around you and be sure to make use of the programs to save a few dimes here and there.

3. Drop the latte - I admit, a latte is delicious. However, when it pushes $5 for a caramel latte with whipped topping, I cringe. Skip the whip if it saves money (it will save calories) or try an equally potent drink that costs a bit less. It might even be worth while to turn your daily routine into a once a week treat. We all need something to look forward to.

4. Talk to your boss - Studies conducted by some researchers suggest that coffee increases short-term memory recall and cognitive awareness. With a bit more research, you may be able to produce a presentation showing the benefits of providing coffee (good quality of course) at your office. A few food distributors claim that productivity at the office increases if good coffee is on hand.

5. Negotiate - Retailers, roasters, and customers alike are plagued by coffee price woes. If you are a loyal customer, why not try negotiating with your coffee provider of choice? The key is providing a solution to their problem; a mutually beneficial program that will work for their business and your wallet. Suggest committing to an amount of coffee (bean or cup) in exchange for a discount. Inform your favorite coffee bar that they could save money on goods by giving customers a discount for bringing their own cups. It never hurts to try and, if approached correctly, you may be surprised at the positive results.

There are plenty of options available and we would love to hear more from the drinking, roasting, and serving community. How are you saving a few dollars while still enjoying your morning brew?



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