Roaster Feature: Bold Bean Coffee Roasters

Bold Bean Coffee Roasters is made up of coffee fanatics who love what they do. These coffee fanatics run two cafés and a roasting facility in Jacksonville, Florida. Bold Bean was started by owner Jay Burnett, and his two sons Adam and Zack help him run the business. Zack Burnett is the operations manager and roastmaster, and Adam Burnett bakes the breads and pastries sold in their cafés. This is truly the definition of a family-owned business, and they emphasize the importance of hard work and family values. They believe that each cup of coffee is an experience, and a memorable one at that. Bold Bean roasts to bring out the clarity, sweetness, and uniqueness of their coffee every time.

For Bold Bean Coffee Roasters, their process begins at the source. They work directly with producers, importers, exporters, and brokers who share the same vision as Bold Bean to source the best green coffee around. Each year, they cup hundreds of different kinds of coffees, but they only choose the select few that have that star quality to become part of the Bold Bean coffee lineup. They are always refining their coffee roasting process to achieve the highest quality coffee, and they let their highly-trained palates do the taste-testing before presenting the coffee to their valued customers.

Bold Bean Coffee Roasters have evolved from a wholesale roasting facility out of a small metal building to a trendy brew bar/roastery with several locations in Jacksonville. They have also recently opened Knead Bakeshop next to their Riverside cafe location. Adam Burnett is running this gourmet bake shop and making pastries and sandwiches fresh everyday, with the help of his family of course. The business has expanded so much over the course of just two short years, and Jay Burnett credits his sons and the 18-person staff at Bold Bean for its extreme success.

At their cafés, they have dedicated and coffee-obsessed baristas available to craft the perfect coffee drink. But for those of you who prefer to brew at home, check out our selection of outstanding Bold Bean coffee and see what all the fuss is about! We promise you won’t be disappointed with any of their unique, high-quality coffees.


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