Road Trip Ready Coffee Gear

We all need a little spontaneity in our lives, so sometimes you find yourself just itching to pack up all your stuff and hit the open road. These adventurous, spontaneous, and always interesting journeys leave you with fond memories and unbelievable stories to share. But behind every successful road trip is the caffeine fix that keeps you driving just a little bit further, exploring just a little bit more. Don’t waste your time and money settling for watery gas station or diner coffee while traveling from state to state. We’ve compiled a list of coffee equipment that is ready to go when you are, and capable of brewing the best coffee from anywhere you happen to be at the time.


This extremely lightweight equipment makes it perfectly portable for your next road trip, and it makes a strong, full-bodied cup of coffee every time. All you need is hot water and then you’re well on your way to driving all night with a great cup of coffee (or two) by your side. Shop Aeropress

Hario Skerton Ceramic Manual Grinder

Pack up our Hario Skerton ceramic hand grinder to grind your coffee beans on the go. This small hand grinder is ideal for road trips because it takes up a small amount of space and delivers a uniform and consistent grind every time. Shop Manual Grinders

Eva Solo tumblers

This Eva Solo tumbler set comes with 2 tumblers for you and your partner in crime on the road. The silicone band around the tumblers insulates your fingers from the heat of the fresh coffee, so you can drink it right away and drive off into the night. Shop Tumblers

Electric Kettle

If your on the road and don't have access to a stove, bring along an electric kettle to get your water up to proper brew temperature. With a 12V converter you can plug right into the back of your vehicle. Both Hario and Bonavita offer fantasic examples of electric kettles which will get your water to the temperature you need. We favor the Bonavita Variable Electric Kettle as it allows the user to set the temperature. Shop Kettles

Shop the road trip ready selection and receive 15% off. Use code RoadReady at checkout. 

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