Review of IronBrew Cerrado Gold Coffee: Wow

Every once in a while a coffee grabs you by the palate and says "Notice me!"

IronBrew's Gold is one of them.

IronBrew Coffee Review

From the first sip of IronBrew's Brazilian coffee, it's strong, powerful, dark, and rich. It is kind of like what I imagine a bunch of cowboys drinking on the Pampas while they are sitting around a campfire. It's a manly cup of very strong coffee (which is not to exclude women from drinking's delicious)

It's a dark colored brew from dark roasted beans. In the french press, I even needed an extra hand to plunge it because the grinds stuck to the carafe, fighting back. It's like turkish coffee with three times the flavor.

You have to hand it to IronBrew. Their coffee is exclusively from the Cerrado region in Brazil. Cerrado contains the world's largest savannah. And apparently also a place that grows rich flavored coffee beans. IronBrew's 6 gourmet coffees differ only in the extent to which they roast it and whether it's decaf or flavored.

They get hese beans directly from farmers in the Cerrado region. They cut out so many middlemen that you could say they're beyond fair trade.

This coffee is so strong in flavor that it tastes like an espresso. In fact, IronBrew says that Brazilian beans from the Cerrado region make up over 75% of the beans in Illy's gourmet espresso coffee. This is 100% flavor. I would bet that in Illy 's coffee the other 25% of the beans are inexpensive ones (from Vietnam or Indonesia or India) because the Cerrado beans impart so much flavor that they can dilute it.

So if you want bold strong flavor that tastes like the ancient drink of the Mayans, this is it.

Highly recommended for those wanting a very flavorful robust flavor.

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