Resolved: Coffee To-Do List for 2012

For many, the new year means coming up with resolutions for making it a better year than the past one. Then there are those of us who refuse to bother with making more rules for ourselves, rules which more often than not are broken. Even so, resolutions can be entertaining if not taken too seriously, especially if they are coffee resolutions.

Erin Meister, barista and writer, has proposed five resolutions to consider, all concerning coffee, of course. These include: upgrading your coffee, by setting up a coffee making system on your office desk or visiting better coffee shops; chug less, savor more; change caffeine addiction to flavor savoring (with suggestions to help); go organic; and sit and sip, by having conversations over coffee.

Basically most of these resolutions could be summed up by number two: chugging less. They are all good ways to increase the enjoyment of your coffee - by choosing better coffee quality, by paying more attention to the flavor, by sharing the pleasure with a friend, and by choosing organic coffees. The last point concerning organic beans could raise arguments if you disagree that organics taste better. But Meister points out that recently, and not previously, organic coffees taste better because organic farmers are now growing some of the world’s best coffees this way. It’s a great idea to resolve to savor and enjoy your coffee more this year. These just skim the top of the coffee barrel though.

  • The comment section after Meister’s article offers some great ideas too. Below is an additional list for your consideration.
  • Choose a few, or many, unusual-for-you coffees - by origin or roaster – to try this year.
  • Save money and upgrade quality by making more coffee at home.
  • That might require purchasing equipment for the first time or upgrading it.
  • Use coffee in cooking or baking, trying at least one new recipe.
  • Under upgrading, switch from instant to brewed coffee.

You can undoubtedly think of many more. If so, feel free to add to the list by adding a comment. And brew on in good health this new year!

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