Republican Candidates 2012 get some great coffee while you're in Nevada for the Caucus

For fun, now that the Nevada Republican presidential caucus is over, let's say that the candidates have a few days to prepare for the next caucus in Maine.

So if they called us up at ROASTe and asked us to recommend coffees to them, what would we say?

What would you say?

Well first I'm not picking candidates or parties.  I'm just recommending the right coffee to everyone, Republican and Demorat.

It just so happens that a fabulous roaster in Nevada started selling through ROASTe today -- Wood Fire Roasted Coffee of Reno, NV.

His Kenya coffee got a 97 rating on - an amazing rating.  Too bad he's sold out of that one. 

So let's say the candidates have a little time to reflect in Nevada before moving onto Maine:

/wp/wp-content/uploads/files/uploads/MittROmney.jpg" align="left" hspace="10" height="170" width="250" />The perfect compliment to Mitt Romney 's wealth (reportedly $200 million) and front-runner status is something expensive and rich.  How about Wood Fire Roasted Coffee's Signature series, the El Salvador Finca Himalaya.   This is what the wealthiest 1% ought to be drinking -- or anyone who wants a terrific and rare cup of coffee.  Or maybe that distinction goes to the $69 for 8-ounces Panama Don Pachi Geisha from Klatch Coffee.   Let's just hope that Bain Capital doesn't get into the coffee business.  Then we'll all have a lot less fun and have to produce more of a profit  :-)


/wp/wp-content/uploads/files/uploads/NewtGingrich.jpg" align="left" hspace="10" height="149" width="225" />Over in Newt Gingrich's camp, they probably need to light a fire under their candidate because his 21% was way lower than Romney's at 51%.  Newt needs guts.  Nothing lights up a fire more than a dark full-city roasted bold coffee -  Wood Fire Roasted Coffee's Cowboy Coffee.  It's rich, it's bold, it hasn't been on CNN but Newt has.  At $14 a pound it's a steal, like the campaign Newt's trying to run.


/wp/wp-content/uploads/files/uploads/ronpaul.jpg" align="left" hspace="10" height="200" width="140" />Ron Paul came in 3rd at 19% of the vote which is outstanding.  Compared with the other candidates ideas are pretty enlivening, spicy, even eccentric.  I'd recommend an equally complex coffee that is spicy, citrusy, caramely, complex --   the Wood Fire Roatsed Ethiopian Yirgacheffe.   Considering that coffee is the world's second largest traded commodity, maybe Ron Paul can propose a Coffee Standard rather than a Gold Standard.  After all the coffee can always be drunk and you don't need to keep it in a safe at the bank.



/wp/wp-content/uploads/files/uploads/RickSantorum.jpg" hspace="10" align="left" height="155" width="231" />Rick Santorum on the other hand came in distant 4th at 10%.   Maybe by now his campaign money is running low, he's pulling all-nighters, and his team just needs bag after bag of good coffee to keep going.  Here I'd recommend the Colombian Supremo from Unique Coffee Roasters.  It's affordable, rich, and it ships fast -- something you need when you don't know if you're closing down your campaign offices any day now :-(

So there you have it - a way for the campaigning Republican candidates to relax in Nevada and enjoy some great coffee before they're off to Maine.

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