Relaxing with coffee

Today I made a cup of coffee after lunch while the baby was awake. That’s unusual—and probably at least in part a side effect of the Trifecta’s ongoing honeymoon period. Generally speaking, I save my coffee brewing for quiet times when my 8-month-old daughter’s asleep, though I hadn’t really made a conscious decision to do so before. I like to think of this routine I stumbled into as a manifestation of my enthusiasm for making coffee, a process I go through not so much obsessively but rather with care. No, I don’t think the world would end if I had to leave some freshly ground coffee exposed to the elements for longer than 15 minutes in order to deal with a dirty diaper, heat up a bottle, or something similar. Still, I prefer not to be interrupted while stealing coffee breaks. As a result, during the week I hardly ever have coffee before 10 a.m. (baby’s naptime), and I often brew a cup at around 10 p.m. when the kids are both down for the night. Fortunately, I’m immune to caffeine in reasonable quantities; in fact, coffee sometimes makes me sleepy. I say “fortunate” because my high tolerance allows me to drink more of this beverage I enjoy. I feel like I’ve now done a circle in this little rumination, which I’ll take as a sign that I’m reaching its end. So, coffee-making as process/ritual. Coffee as a drink to savor (rather than a wake-up pill to swallow). Sounds about right, no?


New addition to the family: a Bunn Trifecta MB! (aka Aeropress killer)
On the way: Klatch’s FT Rwanda Café Femenino (got tired of waiting for it to appear here) and Portola’s Roney Diaz Villela (Brazil; splurge)
Somewhat intrigued by: West Bean's new Ethiopia Kochere
About to brew up: some AJ's Finca Santa Clara

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