Red Barn Roasters, Boston MA

Red Barn serves a delightful lightly roasted coffee out of its store near the entryway to Faneuil Hall in Boston. I enjoyed the smoothness and light roast of a latte at Red Barn, and my wife’s cup of regular coffee was also light and tasty. The staff here said that the coffee had been roasted within the past 1-2 days at their headquarters in Hopkinton MA.

Red Barn serves a delightful lightly roasted coffeeA drawback to buying coffee from a café like Red Barn is that you get only the one drip and one espresso roast they have brewed. But online, Red Barn sells over 15 types of coffees from Ethiopia, Kenya, Indonesia, Brazil, Colombia, and other parts of South and Central America. So I can only judge the one cup of coffee I had, of unknown origins.

But it was delicious. It was naturally a little sweet, requiring less sugar than I usually add. My wife’s plain coffee tasted like a light city roast, meaning it didn’t have the burnt or caramelized taste of a fuller city roast. This is definitely a coffee that I would make at home. It’s less expensive than Starbucks and tastier, too.

No offense to Starbucks, but I want to discover the wide variety of coffees beyond my neighborhood Starbucks, and this is one terrific Roaste!


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