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I wanted to compile a short list of some of my favorite coffee resources for information.  The list could be infinitely long because there is a ton of great information out there on the web, but this is just a list of a few highlights.  Feel free to add others and I will go back and add others when they occur to me that I missed them or when I discover them.

Scott Rao’s book, the professional Barista’s handbook is probably the best write up of espresso making (it does include brewed coffee, but its focus is on espresso) for the home user.  It is directed at professionals, but it is great for those at home, too.  If more people who ran coffee shops read it we would have better coffee out there!

My favorite resource is  It is an amazing source of knowledge on coffee.  The conversation is at a very high level and is usually approached from a very scientific slant.  The only drawback is that it is indeed at a high level and is not really directed at beginners.  Posters, for example, are expected to have researched their question before asking to make sure it has not been answered before. is an ideal compliment.  It is not on as high a level and the people who answer the questions range from experts to beginners, but they welcome all questions even if it has been asked earlier that day.  It is also one of the best place to buy used equipment.

Both HB and CG have excellent articles written by the moderators and people who run the website.

Other great reads include Chris Tacy’s blog godshot

James Hoffman’s blog where he sometimes challenges things that everyone in the coffee world thinks is true – and when he challenges something it is worth listening

Sweetmaria’s has some very good articles, too.  They are also the most famous source of green beans for home roasters.

Those are a  great start, but obviously this may turn into a very long post or a large series of posts because there is so much more good information out there!

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