Raul Rodas wins three consecutive times the Guatemala Barista Champion Competition

Guatemala City, November 8th. 2009. The National Growers Association's, ANACAFE, officials announced yesterday that Raul Rodas was the three time winner of the Guatemala Barista Competition. Noe Castro, representing Café San Lucas and Barista Champion in 2006, and Pablo Bobadilla from &Café allocated in 2nd. and 3rd. places.

/files/u1/Competencia-Guatemalteca-de-Baristas.gif" alt="Competencia Guatemalteca de Baristas" title="Competencia Guatemalteca de Baristas" align="right" border="0" height="193" hspace="10" vspace="10" width="165" />A total of 28 competitors offered their 12 beverages to 15 national judges certified for the competition. International judges Brent Fortune, WBC Training Committee, Rob Tuttle, Everything Coffee and Tea, Mike Jung, former Barista Champion of Canada, José Arriola from Mexico, Roukiat Delrue, WBC regional coordinator, training committee member and WBC International Certified Judge, Gabriela Cordón, WBC International Certified Judge, Doris Quijivix and Amory Herrera, both Anacafé Representatives.

The competition took place at ANACAFE headquarter during the third edition of Coffee Fest event that promotes local consumption of quality coffee. Christian Rasch, president of the Association, thanked attendees for their participation and judges for "making this competition a high level event that helps improve quality of local consumption".

Arriola recalls "six years ago, Guatemala had around 20 coffee shops while now there are around 158, which proves the interest of local in consuming quality coffee".  The level of Guatemala baristas has been focusing in estates coffees, proper roasting profiles of different varieties for blends and latte art for cappuccinos. Antigua, Huehuetenango, Cobán, Acatenango and San Marcos were some of the most used regions in their blends.

To watch the winning announcement visit: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/competencia-guatemaleca-de-baristas

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