Pulled the trigger on the Hario Mini Mill

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Finally after much contemplating and online forum research, I finally bought the Hario Mini Mill. From what I have been reading, people are reporting that this grinder is excellent companion to the Aeropress and also portable espresso machine such as the Mypressi Twist. For me, this grinder will be primarily paired with my aeropressed to be used at my school. The reason is I want super fresh coffee and do not want to have to preground the coffee from my home. What I will probably do is to have my Mug, aeropress, filter, the grinder stored in my locker while I will just bring mason jars of freshly roasted coffee from home at the beginning of every week. This way, I will alway have coffee available whenever my mood strike for a cup. Afterall, I spend most of the time at school anyway so it would be great to have coffee alway available. The microwave will be the source of hot water for me.

From my online research, the Hario Mini mill is excellent at grinding at fine setting while sucks at coarser grind setting. The reason seem to be that there are excessive play of the upper burrs when grinding at courser setting thus generating big chunks and fines in the resulting coffee grind. This would lead to over-extraction of the fines and under extraction of the big chunks. Supposedly there are work-around this with some easy modding. However, I will probably use fine grind setting most of the time with my aeropress anyway so this grinder will be good out of the box.

Anyway, I will have report later when I finally receive this grinder!

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