Product review Terra Espresso cups

Product review Terra Espresso cups

For Christmas my wife gave me a couple of the Terra espresso cups.  I have always admired them and hoped to have one some day, but I also knew that they were insanely expensive and that I would never buy them, but I guess I did mention once that I thought they would be amazingly cool to have.  I do not remember how much they cost, but I do know that they are a lot (I do not want to know any more since they were a gift.)

You can buy them at Artazza, which specializes in hand crafted products that are not especially cheap, but are nice.

You can tell the cups are hand crafted because they are signed and the signatures do not match up – in fact I confess that on the first one I thought it was a blemish, but it was just a signature that was not as neat as the signature on the other.

They are stunningly shiny with a nice silver lip that does not give a metallic taste or feel, which would be a drag.  

The ceramic is thicker than on my other cups and the heft is really nice.  The espresso and cappuccino cups are a little larger than I am used to and especially in the cap cup, that is a nice idea because I sometimes feel like the traditional cup is too big for a single shot, but too small for a double shot for my taste.  This cap cup is just right for a double shot.

In summary they are very nice, not nice enough to justify the premium over the other good ceramic cups on a performance level, but if you count in art they sure are nice.

In summary, I think they will be two of my favorite cups, but I do not think I would buy them if they hadn’t been a gift – I would opt for a few really nice, but cheaper ceramics like the Inker cups since I do not think the taste will be any better.

It is also worthy of note that although they say they are dishwasher safe, the shiny metalic part on one started to dull from the dishwasher, so mine are not going in it any more.

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