Prime, VIP, Guaranteed!

Musings on primes and vips and guarantees.

This is a post pondering the new changes to Roaste.  The introduction of the Roatse VIP club was covered in another blogger’s post linked below

and I posted about a week ago about liking the Prime feature through Roaste.

It would seem that I was so yesterday when I thought I was cutting edge.  Now looking at Roaste I see links to VIP every where I turn, but have to search out Prime.  

Luckily Prime is still an option and I think a good one that I did sign up for just the other day.  VIP seems like a good option, too, but not quite as much of a pull for me as free shipping on even small orders.

I am not a huge fan of signing up for orders and then having to actively cancel the later such as CD clubs and book clubs used to do where you had to act in order not to get something, but perhaps it would be worth it for ten percent off to have to click a few extra buttons.  

So here are my questions that are not clear to me even after reading about these programs.  First of all is the 100 percent guarantee.  On VIP it states “we’re committed to our 100% Taste Guarantee.”  It seems like this is the case for every coffee on Roaste, but some coffees such as the Chazzano coffees are always listed specifically as 100% taste guarantee.

while most do not explicitly have a badge boasting of it on their listings, for example it is not there on Vivace (which I do not need it for because I know it will be good).

Anyway, does this mean that all coffees get this offered on VIP, but only a subset do for the other orders or am I misreading this?

My other question is can you use both programs and get free shipping and still get ten percent off on a single bag?

In any event it is clear Roaste delivers lots of good values whichever direction you go.

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