Pretty espresso machines

Chamie’s recent post about beautiful espresso machines got me thinking about what kinds of machines were out there if we just focused on looks.

One of the cooler ones I found was the space age looking Saeco Etienne Louis espresso machine.  I do  not think it is made any more, but I bet there is one out there lying about somewhere.  


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I found it here

but I think their understanding of espresso shows that it is unlikely to produce good espresso.  Here is what they say

“Misleading Title is Misleading: Unless your coffee machine uses steamed water to extract espresso and crema from the coffee grinds, then your coffee machine can only brew coffee- regardless of what the packaging may say.”

Of course that is exactly wrong.  If you use steam to produce the coffee it explicitly is not espresso.  At least they got the “misleading” part right.

Next up was a coffee grinder that is a huge wooden carving that you are supposed to cling to, caressing it as it rests against your face while it grinds your coffee.  It is elegant and perhaps a little disturbing, but at the same time somehow compelling.  Again I doubt very seriously that it is a very good grinder, but there is no doubt it is a work of art of sorts.

/files/u2065/woodengrinder.jpg" height="276" width="500" />

It can be found here…

The bad news is that these pretty machines probably are not very good at producing good espresso.  The good news is that there are plenty of machines that are good looking and do produce great espresso.  I like the style of just about all of the Elektra machines.  I especially am partial to the Semiautomatica and its giant cousin the Belle Epoque (which is too big for any home), but I pretty much like all their machines in looks including the T1 and their lever and they all seem to make great coffee.  The ones you might use at home are available here…

Equally cool looking to me is the La Pavoni, which also makes great coffee. Some of those, including the attractive Stradavari can be found here

The lists go on and on!  

Do you like shiny?  Then perhaps an E-61 like the Quickmills or Vibbiemmes sold here.

Do you like higher tech looking then there is the GS/3 (not that good looking in pictures, but I like it a lot in person).

Finally, if you got up that far in price perhaps a Speedster of one of Kees other custom made machines is for you…

Then again now that we are up to near 10k that Presso Chamie blogged about for a mere $!50 sure is sounding even prettier than it did before!

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