Picking the Right Espresso Machine

/files/World-Barista-Championship-Espresso-Machine-20110516.jpg" alt="picking the right espresso machine" title="picking the right espresso machine" align="left" height="411" hspace="5" width="292" />Sure, without the baristas, there’s little point to even think about the World Barista Championship. This competition depends on additional major factors, such as the coffee and grinder quality. Throw into that temperatures, elevations and such and the end result is further impacted. But one of the most important aspects of this entire competition is the espresso machine’s quality.

Now, obviously the baristas in the World Barista Championship fall into the upper echelon, top caliber category, making it safe to assume that the shots they pull and the concoctions they create will be outstanding. What’s more, the Aurelia machine they’ll be using (supplied by Nuova Simonelli) is top-notch, not the sort you take home for personal use.

How about you, do you have an espresso machine at home? What factors did you consider when purchasing it? For any of you readers who have yet to buy one, today’s focus will be the considerations to be aware of when investing in an espresso machine.

Ok so each one of us has a favorite espresso drink. Some lean towards the foamy cappuccino, while others like their solid double shot of espresso. No matter what your preference, you will most likely agree that to fully and truly enjoy espresso, the machine will have to be quality. The thing is, how does one balance quality with the machine’s budget?

Follow the Double C, Double V rule and you’ll enjoy your machine no matter the budget… What, pray tell, is the Double C, Double V rule? Consistency. Convenience. Visual. Value.

Consistency is all about the quality of the machine. Does it consistently pull the same type of shot with the same level each time you make espresso? If so, move on to the convenience element. Basically, is this machine easy to use? Is it comfortable? Is it “user-friendly”? If your answer is yes, you’re halfway there!

Visual… Yes, the machine can be “eye candy” but more importantly, is it easy to use? Easy to clean? Does it have extra pieces that offer the bling but not the bang? In other words, can the machine stand on its own? Finally, let’s get down to the value aspect of your purchase.

How often do you consume espresso-based drinks? And how much do you fork over for each of these espressos? Based on that, you’ll know what kind of budget you’re in for when buying your machine for home use.

These factors serve as a good basis to decide whether or not to invest in an espresso machine. If you decide to buy one, the next step will be to really look into which machine fits you best. And to give a helping hand, here’s a link to the espresso machine buying guide, which I think you’ll find very useful & helpful. So brew on and stay tuned for our next segment!

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