Perfect travel tumbler?

Even though I drink the most amount of coffee at home; more and more often I'm spending much more time in school and also on the road and I find myself wanting coffee during these time as well. I have for the most part successfully tackled with the issue of portable making coffee with the aeropress; howevever I have been using my coffee mug to contain my coffee. The mug is quite handy in many situations, for example I would fill it up with cold water and use the mug as a container for microwaving water (handy for making hot water for ramen noodle also!). But I'm finding it more problematic for carrying coffee; for instance it is prone to coffee spilage in the car or when I'm rushing and move too fast while holding the cup.

For that reason, I'm looking for a perfect travelling tumber and it most have the following quality/characteristic:

-Made from ceramic, double walled would be a bonus.

-Must be microwavable, I have no other source of hot water at my school.


-Lid do not spill coffee and impart no off taste or smell.

-Last but not least, it must be afforable (remember, I'm a poor graduate student!)

Now, I have seen a lot of Starbuck branded ceramic mugs out there but they are obstensively expensive and beside I do not really want to promote their brand by using it. Hopefully, someone can point me to the right direction!

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