Parisi Artisan Coffee Opens First Shop

Parisi Artisan Coffee, one of ROASTe’s micro-roasters, announced plans this week to open their first coffee shop in Kansas City Missouri’s Union Station. Since 2006, they’ve been selling their coffee through local cafes and restaurants, and more recently, through ROASTe.

Parisi is owned by Joseph and Salvatore Paris, who not only roast coffee but also import specialty foods. They have the distinction of owning one of the largest temperature-controlled green coffee storehouses in the US. Coffee beans of many companies are kept there after arriving from the overseas farms before shipment to the roasters.

The brothers are still planning the menu for the coffee shop. Besides coffee drinks they want to offer foods designed to go with specific drinks. They do know the items will be upscale and include some “surprises”. Since they import cheeses, olive oil and pasta, one might guess the menu will reflect this Mediterranean background.

Parisi beans are drum-roasted in small batches to give them the artisan label and great taste. ROASTe is happy to offer four of Parisi’s coffees: Parisi’s flagship blend and two additional Italian Espresso’s plus a decaf Italian espresso. (See below).

If you live near Kansas City, be watching for the grand opening of the brothers’ first shop and be one of the first to sample their “surprise” food items.

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