Paradise Roasters India Sitara aka 100% Robusta

I have had an interesting experience with this coffee from Paradise Roasters, India Sitara 100% Robusta. I believe this coffee could follow the arch of a good fling you have with someone, starts out great, one nasty incident, then it's okay, and then it ends in a horrible mess.

That was pretty much my experience with this coffee, it was roasted on the 11th and I started pulling shots from it on the 15th. The first shots from this were really good, and I thoughjeez if this whole Global Warming thing kills off prime coffee growing areas robusta isn't half bad. The espresso shots that I pulled had a strong vanillia flavor it was like someone put a pump Torani in my espresso and super sweet. I liked them so much over the course of the afternoon I had drank three straight shots of espresso. I was hooked.

However, here comes the nasty. I got too much caffeine from these espresso shots and had really bad nausa. The nausa lasted into the next morning and really I had no interest in coffee. I did have a cup from Philz but did not make anything for myself. I really held back.

But then it got okay, the following day I had some company and made a few lattes. The coffee did well in the milk, giving it a nice coffee bite through the milk. This was where I thought okay maybe it was just the nausa that caused this and now I can enjoy the coffee again.

However, we know how it ends... The next morning using the Clever I made my morning cup of coffee. This was probably the most wretched coffee that I have ever tasted. Even worse than my wife's cousin that likes to fill the auto drip basket to top with ground coffee and a few sips of the dense coffee is enough to send me into nausa for the next few days. The Indian Sitara was just plain woody and a slight bitter after taste. I think I tried about three sips before the thing went down the drain and I grabbed a coffee of water Columbian from the cafe at my work. Terrible!

Since those episodes I have stayed away and am glad to have another coffee already here.

But I do want to show something that is interesting with this coffee, as an espresso it has a ton of crema. This was below was a twenty second shot, unfortunately for the first shot I did not get right off the machine, but the creama was about to pour over the side.

Next you can see it has gone down quite a bit probably to the 1.5ish ounce mark in that cup.

And lastly what almost makes me gag is the how the crema globs together like little balls on top.

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In the end I am glad for the experience of trying a 100% robusta, but will stay away in the future. The stuff was pretty good at first but as it aged it has gotten much worse as time has gone by. I would mush rather have anything at Starbucks than this espresso, had my no sugar nonfat soy ginger bread latte please! In other words stick to anything else that Paradise offers as I have good experiences with both Classico and Nuevo.

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