Paradise Roasters - Espresso Classico

This one has been a pretty refreshing coffee to have after going through a lot of dark roasts. It's nice how after having a lot of chocolate/carmel coffees to get something a little brighter and this medium roast by Paradise Roasters has not disappointed yet.

Here is the tasting notes for Paradise Roasters Classico for this coffee: 

"Pleasant, fruit-forward aroma with notes of berries and flowers. In the cup, crisp but smooth with intense flavors of lush citrus and apricot that settle to tart berry and chocolate in the finish."

I must admit that I do not get all of those flavors like I think most people do not, however I do get the fruit foward flavor in the coffee. In the espresso shots that I have pulled I have been using 15 grams in a VST basket and has been giving that nice acidity in the front following with a good carmelly finish.

The carmelly finish is really delightful in the eight ounce lattes that I have been making with this blend. That carmelly finished that I described gives this latte a nice buttery texture on the tounge and a taste. The only other blend that I have gotten this taste with is the Barefoot Friendo Blend made on a commercial machine.

I have also made this as drip and while it was not quite as a enjoyable it still exhibited some of the same tastes, but not as enjoyable and will probably stick to espresso for this one.

On another note of the two orders that I have made with Paradise I have been very impressed that they have gotten to me within three days of ordering and over the holidays no less! Then once you combined that with the nifty little golden clip that keep bag shut after you open it. It's really a nice touch that gives the bag on the counter a little more class.

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