Pair Summer Fun with Iced Coffee

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Summer begins officially this week. Though some parts of the country have unofficially begun the hot weather, and though Memorial Day begins summer vacation season, summer doesn’t start on the astronomic calendar until Tuesday at precisely 1:16 PM on the east coast.

Summer begins on the longest day and shortest night of the year, the point at which the days start growing shorter again. But for the next few months, the days will still be long so there will be plenty of time for playing in the summer sun..... with iced coffee in hand!

Authentic Iced Coffee

- Cold brew a pot of coffee, using a French Press or Glass Cold Drip Coffeemaker. Put in extra coffee to compensate for the melting ice which will weaken the final brew. Example – ½ cup coffee to a quart of water

-French press: Fill the pot with water and let steep overnight or for ten to fourteen hours.

-For the Cold Drip Coffeemaker: Put grounds in the chamber. Fill the top jar with ice and water. Coffee should be finished brewing in about three hours.

- Chill a tall glass.

- Fill the glass with ice.

- Pour in the coffee

-Two optional effects which add elegance and sweet taste:

- Drizzle in cream or milk.

- Coat the glass rim with natural sugar or cocoa

When and where to enjoy your summer iced coffee:

-    Meteor showers- Best times to view are usually pre-dawn and late evening - these are the times when the earth turns into the path of meteoroids entering earth’s atmosphere. For 2011, the best days for viewing are August 11-13, when 50 showers per hour are predicted.

-    Beach- take iced coffee in your thermos.

-    Picnics- goes great with all picnic desserts.

-    Hiking- Pack in backpacking thermos for quick energy pick-me-upper.

-    Summer drives/trips- Essential to have thermos of iced coffee in the car.

-    Camping- the perfect way to brew coffee, since you don’t need a heat source, but do need a good ice chest and source of ice.

-    Blogs - Put iced coffee in search box on ROASTe and enjoy pages of ROASTe member blogs on the subject. Related ROASTe article on iced coffee and energy drinks and more on iced coffee.

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