Out with the Cold, in with the Hot

Back to the hot coffee again!

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In the northern hemisphere, the calendar will soon turn from summer to fall, bringing its welcome seasonal change.  We look forward to football games, colorful leaves, big fall sales in the department stores, new clothes in the latest fashions and colors……… and especially, taking back out the hot coffee brewer.

The iced coffee was wonderful, and the cold brewing brought out different flavors, but the slight chill in the air calls for the warmth of a hot coffee.  Adding alcohol takes the heat to a higher level. Think how nice that is when sitting around a fall bonfire in the chilly night air.

For those hot drinks, keep in mind that it’s important to use heat resistant glasses. Also, alcohol should be heated before adding it to other ingredients, but it should not be boiled, since that will evaporate it.

Coffee works very well when mixed with a variety of alcohols. Rum and brandy with a pinch of cinnamon or nutmeg gives you Jamaican Coffee. Replace the brandy with amaretto and the spice with sugar, and you have a Caribbean coffee. Add a little tequila and coffee liqueur to your brew and it’s called a Mexican Coffee. A Belgian coffee has triple sec and Irish crème; a café French is the same with the addition of amaretto. Garnish with whipped cream if you like, and it becomes a great dessert treat.*

If you want a drink that does double duty, consider the Hot Toddy. We enjoyed the iced toddy during the summer, but now comes the hot version, with its additions of whiskey, honey and lemon juice! Not only does it sound delicious, but with such ingredients, it’s said to be great for sore throats!

For some creamy coffees that should make a good base for mixing with alcohol, consider the popular ones below.


*The recipes for these and other coffee-alcohol drinks are at Drink Street. And remember, these drinks should be enjoyed in moderation and not before operating a vehicle.

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