On Vehicle for Delivery Today

On Vehicle for Delivery Today

Scheduled Delivery:

Friday, 03/02/2012, By End of Day

Here I am, sitting anxiously, waiting for something to be delivered!! I refresh the UPS website for like every 2 minutes, hoping the status will be changed suddenly. And I keep opening the door, to look if the UPS man is here! How excited I am!!! You’re probably guessing, what’s wrong with this guy, what is it that’s so important? Well, I tell you, it’s definitely something worth waiting for! pardon the exclaimation use, can’t help it! Hahaha!

Well, the story goes like this: I have made it into a habit of scouring ebay even though I am not in the market for machine/grinder myself. It’s all in the hope of finding some rare cheap buy-it-now lever espresso machine so I could play with them! This is how I got my Baby Faemina as well. And again, one of these day has come. As usual, I looked through the list like I normally do. And there’s this one machine that caught my eye. It’s a stainless steel box of espresso machine, the typical Italian E61 machine. Well, you know, the keywords I enter does not usually show up great things like this. And even if it does, they’re usually new and way out of my budget.

Not this one though! It’s listed for just about 5 $100 bills. You can’t see these machines for this price very often. And of course, it sounded too good to be true. I looked at the seller feedback, he has 0 rating. Not a good sign. But I looked at the photos and gathered all information I could, it seems real and is worth a gamble. There’s also this ebay buyer protection thing even if anything goes wrong. So, I pulled the trigger for the fear of being grabbed by others because it’s a buy-it-now.

I quickly send a few questions, asking the seller just to get to know more about the machine and the user. No replies. That was on Friday night. So, I was ready to face some surprises with the machine. However, on the next Monday, surprisingly, I got a email in the junk mail. I don’t know how the seller got my email but man! I am so surprised. Through the communication, he seems like a really helpful seller and he does seems to know a lot about coffee. Most of the ebay seller I dealt with doesn’t even know about using fresh coffee. And this particular seller, he is already giving me some tips on using the machine and the maintainence (backflush, softened water etc). He had also drained the boiler and packed it securedly. Apparently, he is a espresso lover that really does take care about his “toys”. Boy, ain’t I lucky?

I will leave you hanging for now, wondering what the machine is. Hahaha. But the machine is a few years old(almost 10), with pump, pressure gauge, and pressurestat replaced. Maybe that’s the reason for the price. But nothing major overall and only with very slight cosmetic flaw. I understand those parts mentioned are the only things that are prone to failure and requires replacement every few years. For the duration he has used it, it would be a miracle to have not to replace them. So I am not worried.

UPS, where are you now?

p/s: I think I need to sell my Oscar soon..too many toys..

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