On-The-Go Coffee Gear For The Holiday Traveler

Holiday season. It’s that one time of year when we all put our busy lives on hold and spend some time with the people we care about. But no one is looking forward to the long, exasperating journey that is holiday traveling. It usually involves waking up at the crack of dawn and operating on zombie mode for the remainder of the traveling festivities. During that long drive to visit grandma’s house this year, you may even become so desperate to get a caffeine fix that you stoop to the level of mystery gas station coffee. But why does holiday traveling have to be so frustrating?

This year can be different. We have a few helpful tips to combat those tiresome traveling ails and brew quality coffee on-the-go. With a few easy to pack items, you can brew delicious coffee wherever you happen to be, whether it’s at grandma’s house or on the way there. Here are a few of the items we’re suggesting for your on-the-go holiday traveling coffee kit this year:

Manual Grinders


Manual grinders are perfect for traveling. You can easily pack one in your bag or suitcase and grind fresh coffee beans on-the-go whenever that coffee craving strikes. We suggest the Hario Ceramic Slim as a easy to pack option.



Aeropress coffee makers are extremely portable without compromising on taste. This coffee maker is made up of three small parts- the cylinder, plunger, and cap- which can be easily packed up and taken on the road.  Try the Aerobie Aeropress for an easy cup of coffee wherever you are this holiday season!

Pour Over


All you have to do to brew a great pour over coffee on-the-go is put a filter with freshly ground coffee beans in your Hario V60 dripper or Chemex and pour! You’ll end up with a smooth, delicious cup of coffee in minutes- no hassle involved.

Electric Kettle


These can be stowed in the car incase you need a quick cup on the road. Paired with a 12v adapter you can boil water to proper brewing temperature on the side of I-95 if you’re that desperate. We offers models from BonaVita and Hario.

Coffee Kind Discovery Box


You can’t travel without fresh, quality coffee on hand. We’ve come up with the Discovery Box, an easy way to sample new beans every month from the best craft roasters. Enjoy two 6 ounce bags of whole bean coffee delivered each month in a compact box that fits easily in any bag for only $20. Use code FirstBox50 to receive a 50% discount on your first box.

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