On the Beach or Trail, Small Espresso Maker Goes Everywhere

It’s only August, so there’s still time for barbecues and maybe a camping trip or two. Ahhh, camping - the campfire crackles, the crickets sing in the background, the breeze rustles through the trees….the smell of roasted marshmallow entices the nose…all in all an almost perfect scene enfolds around  the campfire. It’s not complete though, until the odors of coffee brewing and bread baking completes the ambiance.

You can add coffee grounds to a pot of water over the coals to make a hobo, aka Turkish, aka boiled coffee, or use an alcohol burner coffeemaker. But if you really want to go the highest tech - a revolutionary coffee-making process, and/or upgrade to espresso rather than boiled coffee -you’ll want to get the espresso maker that’s most backpack-able.

The mypressi TWIST is not your mother’s coffeemaker, for sure. Though it makes deliciously smooth espresso with perfect crema time after time, it’s small and easy to use. You can make it even easier by stashing a few single-serve pods in your pocket. You pour in the hot water after filling the coffee basket, then pull the trigger. The secret to this nifty gadget’s power is a standard gas cartridge your mom very well might have used, since they’ve been around about 80 years. This cartridge provides the pressure -135 psi, or 9 bars - enough for up to eight shots. Cleanup on the trail couldn’t be easier - just a quick rinse and it’s ready for your next shot. For more details, click here.

For those who like cappuccinos and lattes, even out on the prairie, in the mountains or at the beach, get a manual milk frother. You can put the pot of milk next to the hot water on the coals or the gas stove and then froth it. If you’re camping in the heat and can’t get your sweaty head around a hot cup, then think Iced Coffee. Brew extra and keep it cold, a great refreshing drink for the heat of the day.

Whether hot or cold, do use filtered water. You can either bring it along with you or use a portable water filter from an outdoor/camping store.

Wondering what treats to have with your coffee, easily prepared over the same coals that are brewing your java? Try baking some bread. All you need is some flour and water, a little salt, and any other flavorings you savor. You can get by the easy way with refrigerated dough or biscuits, if that suits you.

Either mix up and knead the dough or take the prepared dough and smoosh it around the end of a wooden broomstick or one inch diameter doweling. (You might want to get a few new broom handles to use just for cooking….) Hold the dough-covered end over the coals and bake til golden; you should be able to pull off the dough - it’s just the right size to slide in a hot dog. Stuffings are as unlimited as your imagination.

If you have wok-type pan, the kind with a rounded bottom, you can place it upside-down over the coals, oil the outside surface and place pancake-flat dough pieces on it. The dough will fry nicely into tasty tortillas.

Now that you have your coffee and roll/sandwich/wrap, you can sit back and enjoy the burning embers in your campfire. Imagine that the first coffee roasters used such coals to roast raw coffee beans. They would just plop the beans on a pan and place over the coals, stirring occasionally until they turned the desired shade of black. Aren’t you glad our roasters have done that part for you?

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