On Standby for Green Coffee Beans

hot air popcorn popper for coffee roastingThe official household coffee roaster

About a week ago, I posted about the Congo coffee over at The Captain's Coffee and mentioned that I'd be picking some up when my paycheck came in. Well, it took me longer to get around to it than I'd planned (yay, procrastination!), but I just popped back to place my order for 2 pounds of Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kivu 4 Special Prep at the below-cost price of $2.65/lb. It's been a while since I've roasted my own, but I'm looking forward to firing up the retro-inspired popcorn popper and filling the house with roasting smoke and blowing chaff.

Now, normally, I'd wait till I have the coffee in hand -- roasted, brewed and ready to sip -- before posting a follow-up, but when I popped back to The Captain's place, I noticed he'd updated his description of this coffee. Y'all might remember that he'd been underwhelmed by the beans -- not bad coffee, he said, just disappointing. He recommended it as a blender coffee, and was selling it below cost to encourage folks to try it as a bookmark for future years. Congo coffee, he hopes, will improve in the next few years. 

This week, the review begins with "It seems that my opinion of this coffee keeps changing." Last weekend, he served up the Congo after church services, blended 50/50 with Peruvian La Florida and got several comments that the coffee was "especially good." I'd already decided to order the Congo Kivu beans, but I decided to throw in a pound of another coffee that fits the profile of the La Florida. So.. sometime in the next week or so, I should have a couple of green coffees to play with and blend. I promise to post notes and let y'all know how they turn out.

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