On Ice

With all the talk lately about iced coffee here on ROASTe, I thought it would be appropriate to focus attention for a moment on the often overlooked but equally important component – the ice cube.

Ice Cube FAQ:

QUESTION: I do not have an ice crusher - can I buy crushed ice for my iced coffee?                                                                                                                            

ANSWER: Whole cube ice is recommended since pre-crushed ice stales quickly.


QUESTION: How cold should my Ice be?

ANSWER: Most experts recommend temperatures below 32 F for best results.


QUESTION: Can I use ice from a bag I purchased on the way home?

ANSWER: Yes, this ice is suitable, but a growing number of people are enjoying the taste and sense of satisfaction only home made ice can provide.


QUESTION: I want to make my own ice - what water should I use?

ANSWER: Some claim Dasani cups out "wetter" than most water and is the best choice for home froze ice.


QUESTION: I am concerned about the environment, what water for ice should I choose?

ANSWER: Look for the Rainwater Alliance Fair Trade Organic certification before purchasing.


QUESTION: My ice melted - can I still use it?

ANSWER: No, never ever refreeze ice for the best tasting ice coffee.


QUESTION: How long will my ice keep?

ANSWER: The rule of 15's states ice is good for 15 days from freeze but is at it's peak flavor between 4 and 72 hours.


QUESTION: How can I tell if I am making good ice – good enough for iced coffee?

ANSWER: If you join a local home froze ice making club often more experienced members can cup your ice and give pointers to help you get the most out of your ice.


QUESTION: Is there any way I can get more involved on a national level?

ANSWER: Yes, becoming a member of the Specialty Ice Association of America (SIAA) is highly recommended.


QUESTION: Alright, I am ready to get into home froze ice making – what do I need to get started?

ANSWER: You will need a refrigerator with a freezer, or for more precise control, a dedicated freezer, ice trays, water, and patience – remember, a watched cube never freezes!


Now that you have the cold hard FAQ for reference you should be ready to make the best ice possible for your iced coffee – cool!

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