Olympia Coffee Roasters - Big Truck Espresso

There are a ton of great roasters here on Roaste, and I just want to give a little love to Olympia Coffee Roasters. If you read my past post about the cafe  Serrano Social Club, you would know I mentioned that Olympia Coffee Roasters was one of their rotating roasters they had for a while and that's where I learned about this roaster. Just like there are a ton of cafes popping up in weird places there is equally as good roasters popping up everywhere.

Olympia Coffee Roasters  is as you might guess located in the state capital of Washington, Olympia! And as far as I can tell they make an excellent blend called Big Truck Espresso, and I was pretty certain that it would be good since it was offered at the above shop because I mean why would you go to the trouble to offer a roaster if they weren't good?

When I got my bag of Big Truck in the mail the first thing that sturck me was the professionalism in the packaging of the coffee. It came in a perfect sized box just a little bit bigger than the bag itself, these guys mean business. It was also nice to see that they included a menu of their current coffee offerings complete with a little bio of the SO or blend and tasting notes, it really wetted my appetite for wanting to try some of their other coffees.

Obviously, all the best packing in the world cannot make a bad blend/roast a good one so it was no surprise that I was equally won over by the coffee. Big Tuck espresso is currently comprise of Costa Rica La Mirella Honey, Ethiopian Gedo Worka and Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Koke. That is the list of coffees from their site, but I wonder if there might be something else lurking in it to mellow out the blend because it isn't as big as those coffees would suggest.

The blend as an espresso for me gave me a big hit of chocolate at first then hits you with a nice dark fruit flavor, however that fruit flavor got really drowned out by milk. This one worked best for me as a americano and straight. I also took it as drip a few times and got equally good results, but with a strong fruit flavor, think Gedo Worka but toned down a lot and nice body. And to b e honest I am sad that I ran out of it only at day 12 of post roast because it was still getting better by my tastes and would've love to see where it went, it really seemed to have a long shelf life.

Overally, I was very impressed with this blend and the roasters commitment to professionalism that I saw in their packaging and on their site. Speaking of their site I would check it out for a few videos they have there and some write ups on making coffee at home.

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