Oh no... No power and I need fresh coffee! Hario Skerton Hand Grinder to the rescue.

/files/photo1_1.JPG" align="left" border="5" hspace="5" vspace="5" />So what does one do in this situation?   Well there are quite a few options out there for these types of situations as well as when out on the trail or camping.

I’ve spoke about a few brew methods in the past and wanted to take a little break and talk about a way to grind fresh coffee with no power.   The Hario Skerton Hand Grinder is your answer!  

I picked this up and truly feel everyone needs one.  This thing is quite amazing and kicks butt against many power grinders with it’s a ceramic conical burr design.

The grinder is capable of a fine espresso grind to a coarse French press though I speak more about that a little later.     

Hario makes a nice product here.   The bottom collection container is glass and they send a rubber sleeve to provide extra gripping power on the bottom while grinding along with a storage lid.   The grinding mechanism is adjustable by removing the top nut, removing the locking pin and turning the adjustment nut.   This moves the bottom burr in and out adjusting the grind size.   

The Skerton does a great job on fine and medium grind.   It delivers a very nice consistent grind free of fines.   On the coarse grind it did provide variable results as the design of the grinder allows for the stem holding the bottom burr to move side to side.  

Bottom line this product is great for many coffee preparations.   You will get a little workout getting the coffee ground as it takes a few minutes to get your grind on … but once you do you will be rewarded with fresh coffee!   Now with no power you better get the water boiling and do a pour over in the Hario V60!  

Here are a few detail shots of the mechanics:

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